Baby Computer Piano 2.83_

Avoid buying expensive instruments and turn your computer into a great sounding piano with ease

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows 2000

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Baby Computer Piano 2.83_
Baby Computer Piano 2.83_

Baby Computer Piano is a handy app for kids that lets them play songs and music on your computer keyboard as you surf the web and get work done. As the parent of a small child, this program lets you do everything that you want to do at the same time that you spend time with your baby.

The program essentially turns your computer into a piano. Each key on that board corresponds to a different musical notes. Using a hot keys feature lets you select which keys your child can use or touch. This also lets you turn off some keys to keep your baby from accidentally shutting down or restarting your computer. You can change those hot keys later as your needs change or your baby grows.

Suitable for both parents and sitters or nannies, Baby Computer Piano gives you the chance to work on the computer while holding your child. Babies need up to 17 hours of sleep every day, but discomfort, a leaky diaper or a hungry feeling can make your child wake and be unable to go back to sleep. This program gives you the chance to use your computer as your child sits in your lap. Anything your baby does will not interfere with what you do. You can compose emails, watch videos, do simple searches and even complete some work as your child taps away on the keyboard.

Parents like Baby Computer Piano for two main reasons. The first is because it allows them to bond with their children. Parents who work full-time jobs inside or outside the home often feel like they don't have enough time for their kids. This program gives you the chance to do all your work and still bond with your baby.

Parents also like this program because it fosters a love of music in their children from an early age. Kids will love pressing all the different buttons to hear all the different sounds. They can even learn how to put short songs together based on which keys they press. You'll also like that this program takes up limited space, which is important for those doing work from home. Pressing control and delete at the same time turns the program on, and you can press those same two buttons to turn it back off again.

There are quite a few programs and apps designed to foster music appreciation in kids, but Baby Computer Piano is the only one that lets you work and your child play at the same time.


  • Makes each key correspond to a different musical note
  • Helps keep kids occupied while you're holding them
  • Can change the hot keys to limit what your kids can play or do
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Plays actual music performed by a pianist


  • Only offers support and features in English
  • Can encourage your kids to beat on your computer at other times
  • Still needs a little work before reaching its final version

The Baby Computer Piano Software is fairly self-explanatory; its name describes exactly what it is. It’s made for babies, and it allows mom, dad, or even the babysitter to get work done on the computer while babysitting at the same time. The Baby Computer Piano meets the needs of both the adult and the child; as the baby taps on the keys, the adult can continue surfing. The tapping on the keys will not interfere with the work being done by the adult, and surfing will not be interrupted.

Anyone who has ever been responsible for an infant knows that it is nearly impossible to get work done on the computer and babysit at the same time. Full-time jobs often spill over into the evening hours, requiring work at home. And there are an increasing number of parents who work from home but cannot afford a full-time babysitter. The Baby Computer Piano is a simple tool to help cope with these competing obligations.

Technology is adapting to the needs of the family. Holding your child on your lap as you work can lessen anxiety for both adult and baby, actually leading to increased productivity. With this program, you actually can do two things at once!

The Baby Computer Piano meets a specific need by allowing an adult to work and babysit at the same time. The baby is engaged in a fun and enjoyable activity while the adult is accomplishing work. It is an exceptional way to expose a child to music at a very young age. It may seem to be simply an easy way to distract a baby, but it serves the dual purpose of being a great teaching tool.

You can enable or disable the program by simply pressing the control key and then the delete key. The program even allows you to record and play back your child’s genius musical compositions. And the best part is that the program can be downloaded for free, so you have nothing to lose.

Reviewers and users have commented that The Baby Computer Piano has not reached its final stage, and there is room for growth and improvement. As with any new technology, it takes time to work out the kinks.


It is an original idea.

It seems to work well for the users.

The hot keys are controllable.

Users enjoy the real sound of a piano.


It only works in English.

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